The Kogi State Time and Attendance Machine Project is a twin project handled by GNL Systems LTD. The Company was saddled with the responsibility to install Electronic Time and Attendance Machines across the 21 Local Government Areas across the state. This is to forestall an effective workforce within the state and ensure all workers earn their due wage according to their commitment to their employment. This is also tied to the State’s end-to-end Integrated Payroll and Personnel Management System which would see the Account-General pay the salaries of civil servants from the comfort of his office.

GNL Systems has made available 2 kinds of biometric machines to handle this process for the State capital (Lokoja) and the other Local Governments. Within the State Capital, walled Time and Attendance machines have been installed in all the MDAs and Parastatals. The Handheld machines cater for civil servants in other local government areas, schools, health centers and outstations in general.

The success of the project thus far has seen more civil servants report to duty on-time and as due, as well as a higher record of employees reporting at their duty post till the approved time of closure.

Questions have arisen as to how we (GNL Systems) would manage the complexities of the Civil Service with reference to the different functional structures of the MDAs and the peculiarities. This has seen our development team strategically fuse the peculiarities to manage such incidence with a high level of success. GNL Systems has embraced the challenged and the State Civil Service is achieving the desire efficiency level.